Christmas Jumper Day

Get into the Christmas spirit on 18th December to help your local Community

Try to imagine the heartbreak of not being able to provide a wonderful Christmas for your family. Our family traditions include sharing a tin of chocolates when putting up our Christmas tree and enjoying a Christmas dinner together. What are your family Christmas traditions?

Unbelievably, too many of the families that we support don’t even have the bare essentials; some don’t have carpets on the floor, beds to sleep in or fridges to keep food fresh. Many don’t have enough food to eat or shoes that fit.

On Friday 18th December put on your best Christmas Jumper, socks, earrings, or onesie, have some fun and raise money for Alice families. You can do this at school, at work or even at home. Take photos and post them on your social media. Let us try and give everyone something to smile about.

Alice charity is asking you take part in our Christmas Jumper day and donate £2 to help Alice families. Please contact our very own sugar plum fairy or go to our website please mention Christmas Jumper in the additional comments.

Alice charity is a local charity that supports disadvantaged and vulnerable families in your community. The children that we support may sit next to your children or grandchildren at school or maybe they are related to the staff that work for you. Sadly, this year we have had more referrals than ever before and the demand for our support is increasing every day. People who have worked all their lives have been made redundant and many others are unable to work because they are too ill or because they need to look after a family member. At Alice we want to ensure that these families are supported but we need your donations to make sure that we can continue to do this.

Help Alice charity to #SayYesToChristmas