Parenting can be tough at times. Sophie knew that feeling all too well. But then she found a lifeline at Alice Charity’s Big Cup sessions which regularly take place across Stoke on Trent and Newcastle Under Lyme. For 18 months, Sophie and her little one, just two years old, have been popping into the Bradwell Big Cup group, finding a place of friendship.

Connecting Through Shared Experiences

Sophie was feeling overwhelmed and wanted to chat with mums who could relate. Big Cup became her sancturay, a place where mums shared their ups and downs, forming a tight-knit group. Making friends and feeling understood became a big part of these weekly meetups.

Building Bonds and Confidence

Big Cup didn’t just mean new friends; it meant friendships that lasted. Sophie was nervous about meeting new people, but seeing the same faces each week made it easier. Getting advice and support from others dealing with the same parenting rollercoaster was a breath of fresh air. And for her little one, the toys and activities were a hit, especially the ones that sparked his imagination and creativity.

Empowerment Through Community

Big Cup wasn’t just a place to talk to other mums, it boosted Sophie’s confidence in being a parent. It was a warm, welcoming spot for her and her son, especially during the colder months when staying indoors got tough. This group became their go-to place to have fun and learn together.

Giving Back and Feeling Grateful

Sophie was blown away by how great and free this local service was. Feeling thankful, she wanted to give something back, so she’s looking to volunteer. Her eagerness to help out shows how much these sessions mean to her and others like her.

Strength in Community

Sophie’s story at Big Cup shows how being part of a community can make a real difference. Big Cup isn’t just about chatting, it’s about finding support and feeling stronger together.

So, to Sophie and all the parents finding comfort and courage at Big Cup, remember: you’re in good company here!

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