Donate your Commute

Having been in lockdown for so long now it’s hard to remember what normal life was really like. Taking for granted those times you were simply lucky enough to eat out, visit the cinema, go shopping or just meet up with friends. I am also fortunate enough to have kept working albeit from home. The only real benefit therefore has been the ability to save some money – with that in mind I have decided to make a donation to the Alice Charity – a superb organisation who help support vulnerable families who now more than ever need it most!

Hollie White

This awful pandemic has had a devastating effect on many businesses, families, and individuals. Tragically people have lost loved ones, many have been left with long -term serious ill health whilst others have lost their jobs and are experiencing huge reductions in their income and are struggling financially.

Wherever possible Alice charity is stepping in and supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable families in Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent. Since day one of the lock down we have continued to meet a massive increase in demand for food parcels, baby equipment, as well home essentials such as cookers, carpets, beds and fridges, whilst continuing to provide emotional support over the telephone to any family that needs us. It is widely acknowledged that already disadvantaged families have been significantly more adversely impacted by the covid19 pandemic, and families that never needed to reach out to organisations like our before are now finding themselves in desperate situations, asking us for help through no fault of their own.

On the other hand, research suggests that other people are saving money at the moment. After all, if you are lucky enough to be still working, what is there to spend to your money on?……..the pubs are shut, restaurants are closed, you cannot go on holiday, hairdressers and beauticians are not allowed to open and you can’t even go to the gym.

Statistics show that:

  • On average a UK motorist spends £67.63 per month on fuel. During lockdown they are saving around £60 of this.
  • We are saving approximately £53 per month by not going on holiday
  • We are saving £80 per month by not going to pubs, restaurants and exercise classes
  • On average we are saving £25 per week on haircuts and beauty treatments
  • Normally we would spend £21 per week on coffee or takeaway lunches at work
  • In total we are saving £260 per month after adjusting for increased spend on groceries, heating etc.

We would like to encourage anyone that has saved money during this pandemic to donate just some of those savings to help Alice families. Families who might not have carpets on the floor, beds to sleep in or food to feed their children. Please donate as much as you can and support your local community.