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How poverty is affecting our local children


of children in Stoke
are living in poverty

children fed by Alice
Charity in 2021


of children in Newcastle
are living in poverty

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Here at Alice Charity, we believe that family is everything, that help begins at home and we can all do our part to support vulnerable children and families through moments of difficulty and hardship.

Family Fiver is a regular giving initiative. With just £5 per month your donation will enable our Family Support Team to directly deliver our services into our surrounding communities.

In 2021, the Index of Multiple Deprivation for Stoke was 53.1%, and for Newcastle was 10.6%, compared to the England average of 20%. The Newcastle percentage is misleadingly low, as it includes several wealthy communities, for example, Knutton is one of the 10% most deprived communities in England.

These statistics are alarming, so Alice Charity must continue to support local families with practical and emotional support to end these cycles of poverty. With more individuals and families experiencing crisis situations, it has never been more important than our community pull together to help our less fortunate neighbours, family members, friends and classmates.

On a daily basis we support those who have been left behind and as a result they are now experiencing ‘absolute poverty’. This means they may have one meal a day or less, they may not have a bed or bedding, they may not have essential home items such as a cooker or a microwave and they may not be able to attend their educational studies due to lack of transportation or equipment.

It can take one moment of misfortune or unforeseen events for a family to unravel. This could be an unexpected pregnancy, a tragic death, parental divorce, mental or physical health deterioration. We pride ourselves on not giving up and on our non-judgmental approach. We empathise with those enduring tough times, we encourage self-sustainability and we also deliver immediate support when urgently required.

During our 10 years, we have been able to help more than 5000 families to get back on their feet, transforming local lives.

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