Increased demand for families needing Halal food!

Over the past several months especially with how the current pandemic has affected us all, the People’s Pantry has seen a massive increase in demand from families across Newcastle under Lyme and Stoke on Trent.

We are wanting to expand the items in our People’s Pantry so we can provide more choice for our families needing Halal or vegetarian meals, such as Atta/Flour, tinned Veg/Sabzi, oil, jars of garlic/ginger, Basaar mix and all types of Dhal/Lentils.

Please suggest what other non-perishable items our People’s Pantry should stock that meet Halal guidelines and we need your support in donating these much-needed items.

To be able to have collection boxes in the local supermarkets that cater for these kind of foods would be a massive step in the right direction to be able to help many more families to get food when they need it the most.