A local single Mum with epilepsy recently gave birth to her 3rd child. She was induced early due to reduced movements and because of her medication she took during pregnancy, her baby is now experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Worryingly her baby shakes, to date it is unknown whether this is withdrawal or epilepsy.

Mum is doing fantastic and she also works. She’s been able to save for the majority of the equipment needed, however there are still concerns for her and her baby.

So, what did we do?

Our Family Support Team have provided her with various bits and pieces to put Mum’s mind at rest. We delivered a bean bag pod to protect her baby, especially when feeding where she has no other choice than to feed on the floor in case she has a seizure, reducing the risk of injury.

We provided baby monitors, so Mum can now establish a routine and relax in bed without anxiety and we also delivered a baby mat for essential tummy time.

Alice Charity will continue to provide emotional support to this inspirational Mum, being there for all the highs and lows that a post-baby body and mind brings. We have her back for whatever life may throw at her.

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