If you’d like further information, contact our lovely project leader; Phil, Philip.Rhodes@alicecharity.org or call our head office on 01782 627 017 

27 Bridge Street, Newcastle, ST5 2RY.

Welcome to our Pantry

Alice charity provides support to families with children with school lunches. 

Did you know that our Peoples Pantry provides Lunch packs for any children missing out on the free school meals. As you will well know children who receive free school meals at school no longer have the support whilst in lockdown. This creates immense pressure on families that are already struggling with day to day finances. The impact of children now being at home full time means higher utility bills and hungrier children. That alongside the increase in food costs, the demand for support for families with food is higher than ever.

In October, we started our holiday hunger campaign, and for every £10 donated, we can feed a child lunches for a week. Our campaign did not stop and is ongoing. As you can imagine daily, we are being contacted by families enquiring if this is still available. Being able to support such a way has meant that families who would usually have suffered in silence can reach out, knowing that there will be no judgement and that they are not alone.

The great news is that we do still provide lunches, and we will endeavour to ensure that every child is fed. The picture below is what we would provide our families: fresh bread, fruit, cheese, butter, ham, sausage rolls, yoghurts and those little treats for little bellies. The demand to help with lunches is ongoing as the lockdown continues to be extended, as children cannot return to school. This problem is getting worse and not any better.

Please help, we would be ever grateful, for just £10, we can provide these lunch packs to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Stoke and Newcastle.

Can you help sponsor a lunch and feed a hungry belly?