Bump and Beyond – looking after new Mums

A young couple expecting their first child were initially referred in to us in September of last year for support with a pram for the imminent arrival of their new baby, which we were able to provide quickly, and they were so over the moon and grateful for the support. They actually cried when they received it and emailed us to thank us and tell us what a beautiful gift it was and the difference it had made to them.

Mum has Blounts disease and some mobility issues, which were exacerbated by the pregnancy, and she was beginning to really worry that she would be unable to carry out the simplest of tasks for her child, due to the severe pain in her back.

Their support worker contacted us a few weeks ago to see if there was any support that we could possibly provide with a changing unit, to enable mum to change and dress baby in comfort. Within hours we had been able to arrange for the worker to collect a changing table from us to take straight out to the family.


The parents were so grateful for the support and Mum emailed us to say: “As a person who worries too much because of my numerous health issues with mobility and chronic pain, my worry really skyrocketed after finding out I was pregnant. New worries like how will I get things for baby when I don’t work myself and as finance is a little bit of a worry at home? But then out of nowhere I get this beautiful gift from Alice Charity and I haven’t stopped smiling. Every time I look at the absolutely beautiful pushchair and carrycot, I tear up all over again with so much joy. So I just want to say I am so so soooo very very grateful for you alleviating one of my worries. I am over the moon. You are amazing. You are absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you once again”

When mum received the changing table, she emailed us again to thank us for our support: “I am not sure how to even begin to express my gratitude to you for the absolutely beautiful baby changing table I got. My gosh!! I am over the moon. Getting this changing table is a load off my mind. It also means I can focus on other things before the baby arrives. I am so grateful to you, Alice Charity. You have been of great support to me and my Family. My husband could not contain his joy when he saw the changing table. He just kept smiling all day. So, thank you for bringing such great big smiles to my family and so many other families. We are forever grateful.”