Mental health impact of benefit caps

We are currently supporting a vulnerable, young mother who suffers with her mental health. When this mother of 4 referred into us, she had no means to cook hot, nutritious meals for her family. This was impacting her mental health as she felt like an incompetent mother, failing as a Mum as she was unable to meet the needs of her children with many worries on her mind, one of which is that three of the children were sleeping on one mattress on the floor. Due to current benefit caps, Mum was struggling financially to fund even the essentials to meet her children’s needs.

Through the generosity and ongoing support from local organisations, we were able to provide the family with a cooker. Mum commented that “I feel like a new woman, having my own, new cooker to prepare meals for the children, has made a massive difference and I can’t thank you enough.” We then referred into several other services to ensure that the family are getting the right support they need from professionals, including mental health support for Mum which she is now receiving which benefits all the family.

At Alice charity, we rely on the love and generosity of donations from our local people. If you can support us in anyway, then please get in touch, whether it is a donation of a tinned meat pie or a brand new cooker, just know that it is going directly to help vulnerable families in your local area.