“You’ll see them become a happy and sustainable family, and it’s wonderful to know that after months of hard work they now have a bright future ahead of them.” – Kayla, Family Support Manager.

So, how did we make this happen?

Sadly, when this family was initially refereed to our services, Mum was fleeing a terrifying and violent past. Unfortunately, her quick departure also meant that she had very little belongings for herself or her children.

This brave and vulnerable Mum had nowhere to turn and her home was empty of anything comforting… there wasn’t even a sofa to sit. Leaving her treasured possessions behind was a necessity to her children’s safety, even if that included her life’s long work and all of her babies’ cherished memories. Furthermore, to add to her increasing isolation she was still very much living in fear of her abusive ex-partner.

Our wonderful Family Support Workers sat with Mum for hours, listening, talking and crying; building strength and confidence with our Lean In projects. We also sourced beds, soft furnishings, food, sanitary products, kitchen equipment and a washing machine, all delivered by our Pass it On and People’s Pantry Teams.

The items and support most of us take for granted can mean the world to family’s like this. To see a new and transformed Mother, with a spark in her eye and a heart full of hope is such a beautiful moment to experience; we’re also happy to announce that her children are now happy and settled in their new lives.

A massive thank you to all of donors and Family Fiver supporters, without you our work wouldn’t be possible, and who knows what could have happened to this unfortunate family. Be a part of something incredible, change a life and support your local community charity today.