Single Dad Bed reaches out for wardrobe and drawers for his son.

Towards the end of last year, a single dad was referred to us after taking over sole care of his young son. Due to the nature of the move of the young boy, there was no time for dad to prepare for his arrival in the home. Dad had to give up his job in order to care for his son full time and this had a massive impact on his income as he then found himself in a position where he had to claim Universal Credit. Dad was really struggling to be able to afford a new bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers for his child, and so a referral was made to Alice Charity.  

We were able to chat to dad, who was really nervous about having to rely on a charity for help, and alleviate his worries. We gained all of the information needed to enable us to apply for the items for his child and we were also able to advise him of several schemes to save him money on his utility bills, which gave him some reassurance that his financial situation would be a little more manageable than he originally thought. 

Dad was really grateful for all of the support that we gave to him, he said it had been a huge strain on his mental health, worrying how he would provide the essential items that his son needed. He told us “You have made me feel much more positive and supported, I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone who is struggling.”