This week, our fantastic Family Support Team assisted to a single mother and her 3-year-old daughter with a life-changing event that will forever make an impact on their lives.

Mum and toddler bravely fled a horrendous domestic violence situation. They have been relocated in a new area and their new home has little furnishing. Sadly, due to the extreme circumstances, they also have almost no possessions, including toothbrushes.

So, what did we do?

Our wonderful team delivered toys, clothes, a coffee table, mugs, plates and utensils; bedding and curtains, towels and toiletries. Furthermore, our People’s Pantry was able to feed the little girl and vulnerable mum with emergency food packages.

The coming weeks will be very difficult for them, due to being enforced to stay at home by the abusive partner, mum currently has no income. Until she is able to collect her benefits, she currently faces 26 weeks with no income.

They’ve both taken on new responsibilities, being held at home in such a dangerous environment has kept her from every-day tasks, such as appointments. They are both living in a whole new world, which is seeming quite scary at this moment. It is a drastic change from their previous isolation.

This family have a long way to go and they will be supported by Alice for as long as needed. Alice Charity helps victims of crisis, we support families to find independence and to build resilience after a period of difficulty.

Support their journey, join Family Fiver today.